Studying academic style in visual art


When people are trying to find a good place to study, they should consider studying academic style in visual art with The Academy. The main purpose of The Academy is to educate young artists and guide them on their first steps. There are many things, that defy Saints Petersburg Art Academy in Florence among all others. It’s the first institution in Italy, that represents the Russian traditional figurative art. It’s obvious, that modern people are interested in learning more about every culture in the world. It’s easy to see, that the education program is formed correctly, considering that it’s based on the leading universities of modern Russia.

When the student is thinking about a place to learn more about the Russian art style, it’s better to choose Florence as a destination. The main reason – there no problems with languages. All courses are conducted in English, so the student won’t need to spend a lot of time on learning something more than that.


Studying academic style in visual art is like the best thing the average student can choose at this moment, as the destination for study. With the help of professionals, it’s going to be fairly easy to learn more about unique cultural heritage. The Academy has always worked with young talents. It’s hard to pick only one thing, that makes this place so special for every artist, that only begins his journey to success. Thanks to the knowledge people get at Saints Petersburg Art Academy in Florence, they have no problems with finding their path. To study visual art, students spend a lot of time practicing and testing different learning methods. Most of them are based on the authentic traditions of the Renaissance. Thanks to all the knowledge the student will get as a part of his education in this Academy, he will have zero problems with finding a job and become successful as an artist.

To create the best environment for students, The Academy authority offers a big library and Wi-Fi spots all over the place. It’s easy to get help if the student has any problems with learning something. The mixture of traditional and modern approaches for teaching is something, that makes this Academy even better for students from all over the world. There are literally no barriers, so it’s worth every minute, that the student will spend on learning basic skills out here. 24 events per year with 5000 annual visits is something to look forward to.